How To Blend Your Natural Hair with Extensions

Not everyone can slay a lace wig like Arrogant Tae and usually or love the look of lace wigs. I even find myself struggling to lay my wigs down with confidence to say “What Lace?”

If you’re a natural like myself and prefer the leave out method here’s a few tips to help your wig or weave look as natural as possible. 

  • Select extensions that mimic your natural hair texture. Whether you are relaxed or natural; selecting hair that is similar to your texture helps with blending your leave out for a seamless look. 

  • Make sure you leave enough leave out to cover your tracks. Many of us wear a weave as a protective style but it doesn’t have to look like a weave. When you choose to have a leave out, leaving enough of your natural hair out to cover the tracks will make your weave or wig look like it’s growing right out your scalp. You can choose to have a lot of just the bare minimum to protect as much of your natural hair as possible. No matter your choice always make sure your tracks are covered. 

  • How to blend with curly extensions. Depending on the curl pattern there are different techniques to get your natural hair to mimic your extensions. If the curls of your extensions are looser and your hair is tighter try a curling wand or perm rods. Take a piece of the extension with your leave out and curl it together. If the curl of your extensions is tighter than your hair, try braiding or twisting your natural hair. After your braids or twists set. Wrap your hair around the curl of the extensions to give it a seamless blend. 

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